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The Artists View Thomas Somerville is a native Rochesterian and a graduate of RIT with an MS in Interdisciplinary Studies and an MS in teaching in Art Education. He is currently an artist in residence and Director of Education at ARTISANworks (http://www.artisanworks.net). He also runs a fine art program for clients and families at AIDS Rochester, called artisanAIDS. He recently had two pieces of his work go on exhibition in New York City. More of Tom's work can be seen at his website 

Art+ News Letter Spring 2005 Member News

Thomas Somerville

Thomas Somerville helped raise over $1,900 for Men of Color Health Awareness Program (MOCHA). Somerville's paintings were auctioned and the event was covered by The Inside, The Empty Closet and the local press. MOCHA is a peer driven initiative that has been in existence since December 1996. MOCHA provides HIV/AIDS education/outreach, case management and community development for men of color. www.mochaproject.org



Somerville art show opens at Equal=Grounds: The Empty Closet, 2/2009

On Friday the 13th of February,Equal=Grounds Coffee Shop will host the opening of Tom Somerville’s one-man art exhibit, “Paraskavedekatriaphobia”. Named for the fear of Friday the 13th, paraskavedekatriaphobia is derived from the Greek word paraskeví (Friday), dekatreís (thirteen) and phobía (fear).

The series of new works will focus on symbols of good luck, hope and prosperity. Being held the day before Valentine’s Day, the collection feature a number of paintings based on love spells, including same sex love spells, based on sigils found in the book The Enchanted Candle by Lady Rhea.

Equal=Grounds is located at 750 South Ave.;


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